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All Natural Dietary Supplements

Here at Stan's Vitamins & Supplements, we carry a full line of herbs from the mundane to the exotic. Our local Doylestown community is very informed regarding herbs and as a result, we make every effort to supply those herbs as recommended by their doctors. Not only do we sell herbs for nutritional reasons, but we also sell them for our customers who need to improve their health. We offer a variety of herbs which include:

•Herbal Teas

•Herbal Capsules




•Hawthorne Berries

•Rose Hips


•Acai Berry

•Parsley Leaf

•Nettle Leaf


Promoting Increased Bodily Functions

Not only do our Herbal Supplements increase health and immunity, but they can also be used as a dietary alternative to popular meal choices. Many of our herbal teas can be used to improve liver functions and cardiovascular health. There are also plenty of other benefits to our herbal supplements which include:

•Increased Immune System functions

•Positive Digestion

•Increased Respiratory Health


•Positive Joint Health

•Deep Relaxation

•And Many More!


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